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Mobile Banking

Now you can access the full power of Online Banking from your mobile device by signing up for Bank of Desoto’s new Mobile Banking. Mobile Banking delivers the flexibility you need to keep up with your accounts on the go. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at 972-780-7777.

Bank of DeSoto Mobile App

Download the Bank of Desoto Mobile App directly from your Apple Store or from Google Play today. You must be enrolled for Bank of Desoto Online Banking to apply. Enrollment through Online Banking is also available.


  • Review recent transactions
  • Transfer between accounts
  • Mobile Deposit
  • Instant Balance
  • Make a loan payment

Mobile Deposit

Making a deposit is now just a few clicks away. When using your mobile device, you can easily snap a picture of your check and deposit it directly to your account. By downloading our new Bank of DeSoto Mobile App, you will have the availability to make a deposit right away without making a trip to the bank!

How It Works

  • Log in to your Bank of DeSoto Mobile App to use the Mobile Deposit feature
  • Select “Deposits” from the menu and then select “New Deposit”. 
  • Choose the account you wish to deposit funds to and enter the amount of the check and click “Continue”.

Endorse all Mobile Deposits with “For Bank of Desoto Mobile Deposit Only” underneath your signature and account number.

  • Take a picture of the front and the back of the check.
  • Once you have sent the images for processing, you will be prompted to confirm the deposit amount.
  • Your deposit will show as pending upon submission until it has been reviewed.
  • If you do not properly endorse your check, your deposit may be rejected and you will have to add the correct endorsement to resubmit your deposit.
  • View your deposit history in the app to check the status of your deposit. You should always review your account and check your balance to ensure deposit has been submitted and accepted before assuming funds are available.

Text Banking 

Send text commands to the bank from your mobile device to inquire about basic account balance and transaction history information. Receive the text responses to your phone instantly.

Steps to enroll

  • Log in to your Online Banking account.
  • In your "Profile", select "Manage Devices" under Mobile Banking.
  • Under "My Devices" you can add a new device or make changes to an existing device and a link will be sent to you.
  • Once you receive the text message, save the number in your contacts (99588) for easy access.
  • Under ”My Accounts" you can select which accounts you want to access and choose nicknames to identify your accounts. For example, to check your transaction history, text HIST followed by the account nickname such as ACCT1.

Text Codes

  • Text BAL or Balance to receive your account’s current balance.
  • Text HIST to receive your account’s last four transactions.
  • Enter your account’s nickname after the short code if you have more than one account enrolled. For example, BAL CK1 for the balance of that account you nicknamed CK1.

Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions are located on your Bank of Desoto Mobile App for quick access.

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