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Additional Business Services

All of our Account Services make it easy to bank with us.

Business Account Debit Cards
Bank of DeSoto offers business debit cards for qualified applicants. For additional information, visit our Card Services information page or contact our New Accounts Department.

Telephone Banking
Call our 24-hour telephone banking line at 972-780-8686 to verify your account balances, instantly transfer funds, and review recent transactions.

Bank by Mail
We have envelopes available for free if you choose to bank by mail.

Cashier’s Checks & Money Orders
Certified checks and Money orders are available in our Main Lobby and the Mini Bank.

Night Depository
If you have difficulty reaching the Bank of DeSoto during banking hours, a night depository is available.

Notary Services
We have licensed Notary Publics on staff and ready to assist you. Please call ahead to make sure we will have someone available to help.

Wire Transfers
A quick and secure way to send money anywhere in the country. We are available to wire for our customers only, Monday through Friday. Please get in touch with the Customer Service Department for more information.

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digital wallet

Simplify your payments with digital wallet